Delivering Customer Services


This facilitated course will help delegates to build on existing skills, confidently resolve any challenging situations and take away practical, simple and effective tools and models that will immediately improve the service levels they and their department provide.

Excellent customer service is a key differentiator when we choose where to place our business. It is not only commercially sound to deliver service excellence – it also creates a great working environment.

Target Audience:

For individuals who deal with external or internal customers either face-
to-face, by email or over the telephone.

At the end of this course you will be able to:

• Identify what good and bad customer service behavior look like quickly build rapport with customers.
• Take a positive approach to problems.
• Learn how to manage your emotional responses in challenging conversations to manage your customers’ emotional temperature.
• Use appropriate techniques to control the conversation.
• Use effective questioning and listening techniques to clarify customer requirements and expectations take responsibility to achieve customer satisfaction.
• Recognize the impact of a professional customer focused email.
• Explain Transactional Analysis and use it to deal more effectively with customers handle challenging customers calmly and confidently.
• Win and retain your customers’ confidence and trust.

What will the course cover

• What does service excellence look and feel like?
• How to exceed customer expectations.
• Demonstrating effective service excellence behaviors.
• How to handle conflict or emotional upset?
• Practice in active listening.
• Practice in effective questioning techniques.
• Practice in professional email etiquette.
• Using matching and signaling techniques.
• Recognizing and creating ‘moments of truth’.
• Dealing with challenging customers.
• How to recognize a Parent/Adult/Child dynamic – Transactional Analysis.
• How to make your customers feel valued and important.

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