Develop High Performance Teams

Core Subject Areas:

High Performing Teams is a workshop designed for people in middle and senior management who need to move from ‘expert’ to ‘adaptive’ to engage others and influence them positively.

The outcomes are increased productivity, higher levels of trust, enhanced respect, optimal collaboration and employee satisfaction.

This workshop focuses on the key skills and mindset required to succeed at the highest level.


This programme will enable you to:
• Increase awareness of personality types and how they interact
• Understand why some people are easier/harder to interact with
• Establish empathy, liking, and trust from the first contact
• Evaluate your ability to connect with and adapt to others
• Develop a more confident and effective communication style
• Understand the dynamics of working as a team Target Audience
• Expert or technically-minded individuals who have risen through specialist expertise, now required to manage or be part of a high performing team, and need the people skills and mindset to engage others at an enhanced level.
• Sales and Consultants who need to bridge the gap between advising and close team working
• Operational staff involved in teamwork who need better relationship
• Managers with dysfunctional teams requiring skills to deal with difficult people situations
• Managers building new teams who need to consider personality mix and behavioral types
• Directors and partners who need to hire, inspire and influence people internally and external getting others on the side, including those who do not think and operate like them
• Graduates looking for a high degree of awareness of self or others, and who need to work in teams

Course Structure and Methodology

A set of PowerPoint slides are provided to delegates as a ‘take away’ some of which are for further background reading as the actual course delivery is provided through:
1. PowerPoint slides
2. Case study examples with full group discussion
3. Role play in small groups with delegate and facilitator feedback
4. Full Group exercises with facilitator feedback
5. Group debate and sharing of experiences and challenges

Content Overview

• Introduction
• Check-in (Mood/Distractions/Expectations)
• Agree with individual and team outcomes?
• High Performing Teams –Ingredients for success
• Experience within the group – discussion
• 9 factors for success – ranking
• Team exercise – learning and feedback

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