Driving Change, Making It Permanent

Change is all around us today. The skills to manage and indeed thrive on it have never been more critical than they are now.
As Charles Darwin who is credited with the theory of evolution said: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives. Nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change” The programme will consider innovation as an important requirement in a changing
international market. We will utilize both cognitive and experiential learning techniques in order to emphasize the dynamic and emotional nature of change. The overarching aim of the three days is to equip you with a range of tools and techniques that can be used to help implement change effectively.


By the end of the programme you will be able to:
• Explain why change projects often fail and what the necessary components are for a success.
• Identify people’s different reactions to change and how to manage these.
• Work with a range of practical tools to help lead and manage change.
• Use effectively an eight-step process for leading change.
• Manage the human side of change including understanding how you manage change and what the different needs of others can be.
• Support and lead others through the change process.
• Build an effective action plan considering all key components of the required change.

Target Audience
The programme is designed for delegates who want and need to drive and lead change in a working environment and manage themselves and others successfully through the process.

Course Structure and Methodology

A set of PowerPoint slides are provided to delegates as a ‘take away’ some of which are for further background reading as the actual course delivery is provided through:
1. PowerPoint slides.
2. Case study examples with full group discussion.
3. Role-play in small groups with delegate and facilitator feedback.
4. Full Group exercises with facilitator feedback.
5. Group debate and sharing of experiences and challenges.

Content Overview

Check-in and your Experiences of Change
• Your Mood? Distractions?

Group work:
– What have your experiences with change been?
– What were the key lessons learned?

Impact on individuals
• Behavioural responses
• The Kubler Ross Change curve
• How to identify where people are
• What do they need from us at each stage?
• SCARF what is the effect on people? What they need during times of

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