Finance For Non-Finance Managers

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Days 2.00
Course Code MPDFNFM-1

Becoming a manager brings many new challenges and perhaps one of the largest is understanding financial issues. You may be expected to communicate the organization’s financial performance to your team, to contribute to discussions about how to respond to it, to plan and work to a budget and maybe even to present a business case for investment.

Target audience
This course is aimed at managers for whom finance is not a key part of their responsibility, but who nevertheless will benefit from understanding it better. If your direct interaction with finance doesn’t go beyond budgeting and the occasional business case, but you want to be able to make sense of financial briefings, and interpret company performance and financial drivers better, this is for you.

This interactive 2-day workshop will demystify the basics of finance by allowing you to engage with them in a way which promotes understanding of the way finance is measured, the documents and statements which communicate it and the business conditions which drive financial decisions.

Who will this course benefit?
Delegates should come with a clear idea of how they want to use their financial knowledge back in the workplace and with copies of any documents they regularly use, for reference and discussion.

What will the course cover?
• What is finance – a background understanding of what the finance function contributes to the business
• Calculating Profit – how profit is measured, and understanding statements which record organizational performance.
• Cash flow – how cash flow is managed and predicted, and how it relates to profit.
• Forecasting – how sales, spending and other factors are forecast, with a range of techniques for different situations.
• Costs and breakeven – an introduction to different costing models, and tools to calculate breakeven point for projects and products.
• Budgets – different approaches to budgeting, and how the budget is used and managed.
• Business cases – techniques for appraising and comparing options, and making a case for investment

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• MPDFS – Facilitation Skills.
• MPDMBC – Make a Business Case.
• MPDPWI – Present with Impact


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