Dr. Ahmed El-Mokadem

Chairman & Chief Executive

Dr. Ahmed M. El-Mokadem was born in Egypt in 1941 and moved to the United Kingdom in 1963 and has Dual nationality (Egyptian/British) for the last 35 years.  Educated in both Egypt (BA Econ, 1961 Cairo University) and the United Kingdom (Ph.D. Econ, 1968 Manchester University).  Dr. Ahmed's international career spans more than 35 years across various sectors including academic (Cairo, Manchester, Stirling, Lancaster, Ohio State and Surrey Universities), consultancy (to include Battelle, ACB and Surrey Energy Centre) and business.


Adviser to many governments worldwide in the areas of economic policy, oil and defense, including, but not limited to, the US State, Energy, and Defence departments, and the White House; the United Kingdom Bank of England, Treasury and Foreign Office, and many governments of oil-producing countries.  Adviser to many businesses worldwide, including, but not limited to, many multi-national oil companies (e.g. adviser to BP for 15 years), major defence companies (e.g. General Dynamics, BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin and Norinco) and many of the leading financial and investment institutions (e.g. JPMorgan, UBS, HSBC, EFG) and many others.  Proven business track record of completed contracts/business in excess of US$15 billion in the last ten years.


Published and/or supervised many books, articles and research projects on United Kingdom monetary and fiscal policies, North Sea oil, OPEC, and the world oil market, the security and relationship between the West and the Middle East, and structuring complex societal problems.  Lectured and has given addresses and speeches on a wide variety of topics at different events and subjects worldwide.  Contributed to the early economic thinking of Margaret Thatcher in the early 1970’s as a member of her Economic Advisory Committee, led by Sir Keith Joseph and Professors Johnson, Walters and Griffith.